Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tattoos have been around for centuries. As a tribal mark, a mark of fertility, and identification.
Tattoos, for a long time were seen as a sign of rebellion. It wasn't proper for a woman to get a tattoo.

But now, many women have tattoos. Whether it's to represent something dear to them, portraits of their loved ones, memorial tattoos, or simply for the sake of art. But while a lot of women have tattoos, it is still frowned upon.

This is blog about women with tattoos, a blog to show that women are still beautiful and so are their tattoos. I have talked with several women, asking for their permission to post their tattoos and stories for everyone to read.


  1. This blog is a brilliant idea, you go girl!

  2. You'll likely get many of us in Karla's mafia following you. =)