Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Double egded sword.

Long time, no see! I haven't been able to write anything because no one has sent anything in! But finally, I had two submissions and there are several tattoos waiting to be talked about, so be prepared!
For those who like Kat Von D, has anyone read her new book? I just purchased it and I haven't really read much of it. I haven't even read the first one. What do you guys think?
What are some of your favorite tattoo artists by the way? If you could get tattooed by anyone, who would it be and what would it be? Anyone get tattooed by their dream tattoo artist?
Anyway, doubleedgedsword from livejournal has sent in some of her tattoos! Here we go:

Lulu is twenty for and lives in Dublin, Ireland. She is a full time tattoo apprentice( go femme tattoo artist!!!) Lulu is a big fan of the band My Ruin and showed her dedication to the band by getting a tattoo of their band logo, a sacred heart, on her back. The tattoo was done at Zulu Tattoo by Gav in Dublin, Ireland.
Lulu was lucky enough to meet the lead singer of My Ruin, Tairrie B, and when Lulu showed her the tattoo, Tairrie B fell in love, grabbed the nearest sharpie and wrote "Miss B Loves Me" above the existing tattoo. The next day, she went to Wild Cat Tattoo in Dublin City and made the script permanent.
"Getting to meet such an inspirational woman who kicks ass, takes names and doesn't compromise what's important to her deserved commemoration, so the tattoo was ideal" Says Lulu.

The Buddha tattoo is a current work in progress. The tattoo is done by Marcus at Red Dragon Tattoo, Clondalkin, Dublin. Red Dragon tattoo is also where Miss Lulu is doing her apprenticeship. " The tattoo will be a story of my conversion to Buddhism, and how much peace it has brought to my life. There is lots more to add to it, including some Tibetan script - "Om mani padme hum" which means "Hail to the jewel in the lotus" - some mendhi designs and lots of flowers." Lulu writes.

I have met plenty of people who have converted to Buddhism and seeing Buddhist tattoos always brings some sort of warmth to my heart. Lulu's Buddhist tattoo is beautiful, and holds such a deep meaning, that most people wouldn't think too much about it. The Buddhist way of life takes a lot of dedication, it's a commitment. Just like Lulu's tattoo, it shows her love for the Buddha.

Lulu also has a tattoo on her leg of the Legendary David Bowie. A fan since childhood, and an idol to her now, she shows her dedication by having this portrait done by Marcus at the Red Dragon Tattoo.
In January 2010, Lulu started her apprenticeship. Marcus, her boss and teacher, has told her that "apprenticeship never ends, you're always learning and no artists knows everything". But in the New Year, Lulu will be ready to tattoo customers.

Lulu tells us, "I like lots of different types of art. I love bold and colourful comic books, the striking black and white of Japanese manga, the romanticism of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood and anything from the Renaissance. Comic books and their bright colours have influenced my own drawing style more than anything else."

Lulu has tattooed her sister, her boyfriend, and her best friend so far, and she won't stop there. She tries to get as much practice as she can. "I think it's every artist's dream to plan, design, draw and tattoo a full bodysuit. Bodysuits started out in Japan, and they take such a long time to do, but by the end there is one complete and breathtaking piece that the customer will take with them forever, and even without clothing they will still look as though they are wearing something. That would be amazing, especially if I got to work with the customer and design something completely custom. "

The first tattoo she has done was on her boyfriend, a tribal design. She recently retouched it and she says it's nerve racking because she says that she "notices every mistake and every line" But in the end, she still stands by it.

There is one thing that Lulu has said that she would not tattoo, and that is the names of significant others on people. She says this because she sees far too many clients coming, looking for cover ups because they had gotten the names of their lovers tattooed. And she believes that if she were to do names, it would be the names of children and parents.

Right now, Lulu doesn't feel comfortable doing portraits. She feels this way because she says, "You only get one shot at a portrait, and if you make a mess of it there's no real way of fixing it".

"Every tattoo I do, whether it's on pigskin as practice (I get it from the local butcher's) or on friends and family, gives me more and more confidence. I'm far from thinking I'm Alex de Pase or Hannah Aitchison, but I learn something new every day and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to do this. People would die to do what I do now, so I count my blessings every day because this is the best job in the world. "

Lulu has a dream and she pursues it, and I think that these are great words to live by, for anyone who has a dream.

These are the tattoos that Lulu has done so far.


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